The Official CP Buisness
Cooler than Absolute 0!


Sup penguins? This is the official CP buisness! You can get into the buisness by E-Mailing me at It will be really hard to join, and who ever joins gets selected into the Penguin Hall of Fame! If you get to join, I will move you up inĀ  ranks. For example, if Pink Mafias makes and animation, and Ghostyfire makes a pic, Pink Mafias would get a higher ranking than Ghostyfire. The rankings will be from 1-25. If you get up to 25, and are a trusted penguin, you may be able to become an Admin. on! So join today!

To join you must know how to make a pic and an edited pic with Adobe Photoshop. (at least)


1-5: Must know how to make a picture and must know how to edit the picture.

What you need: Adobe photoshop (if you don’t know how to make a pic, see the “How to Make a Pic” page.

6-10: Must know how to make a slideshow.

What you need: The link:, and pix (if you don’t know how to make a slideshow, go to the “How to Make a Slideshow” page).

11-16: Must know how to make a Movie

What you need: Unregistered hypercam, and a youtube account.

17-25: Must know how to make animations

What you need: Adobe photoshop, and Adobe imageready (if you don’t know how to make an animation, see the “How to Make an Animation” page.

After you are above the #5 ranking, you will become an Admin. on this site, and you may see the pic that you made on on the Funny Pix & Animations page.

There are very good rewards for the Cp Buisness (like becoming famous), so learn how to make a edited pic with Adobe photoshop, and join!!!!!!